Cousins Week : Day 5

Today we visit another happy family. Here's the lo-down.

Sneaker, a.k.a. Drama Queen, 13, loves drama(shocker) and singing, and is smart, witty, clever, and a real bum-shaka’ when the karaoke is going.

Daddy’s Girl, almost 12, is tender-hearted, strong minded, and thoughtful. She loves ballet and horse-back riding. She’s on fi-ah.

These three are always like this,
deep in thoughts and plans together.

Bon, 10, is getting to be quite the young man. He’s into soccer, and is a great big brother. The force is strong with this one.

GuyGuy, 8, was baptized this year. His smile is irresistible. He, too, plays the soccer, and makes a great "Ron Weasley". Watch out for his Jedi mind tricks.

Do-Balvin, 5, has just begun kindergarten! This smart cookie asks lots of good and stumping questions. Beware his skills with the light saber.

M, 3, loves Blue's Clues and is learning all about the joys of potty usage. He starts preschool soon, and it's so fun to see him and S.A.M. play and laugh together.

Princess is 1 1/2. Her majesty sits upon the throne to void, and commands her subjects in a firm but loving manner. Plus, she is a little girls who has a little curl, right in the middle of her forehead.

And I am pleased to inform you that another delightful child will be joining this family come Spring. Congratulations!

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