Cousins Week : Day 6
two for the price of one, today only.

These angel eyes belong to Nev, 3. Nev's has got himself a sharp little mind. He's also a big brot
her, a
great talker, and
a "Backyardigans" devotee.

This is Nev's little brother, No, whose eyes are just as blue He just turned 1. He's following in his brothers tiny footsteps and is learning to talk really quickly. I also hear that he loves eggplant.

And in another little family...

Say "hi" to LNR, 1 1/2, and chances are she'll answer you with a few of her over 300 words. LNR has traveled far in her short year(-s); her latest expedition was to Alaska to meet some grizzlies.

LNR will have a little sister this month, LXNR. Yet another adventurous and photogenic child - what ever will we do?

And a bonus, too!
We can't leave out yet another bundle of joy who is due to arrive this coming Spring. The soon-to-be Mom and Dad are thrilled to start down the road of parenthood for the very first time! Congratulations to you!
(please forgive the format problems...blogger issue!)

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, First Timers! We're sooooo happy for you! Aren't you going to tell us your Namie?


Grammy Peg