Cousins Week, day 4 -
You know the routine, right?

This is Dot. She just had a birthday.

Guess how old she is?
Dot swims like a fish
and loves all things horse.

This is D. He is almost 3.

I don't think I could describe him

any better than this picture does.

This is My-Girl.
She's only 1 1/2,

but she's a tough one.

With a big brother like D,

wouldn't you have to be?

And that's not all.
They are getting ready for another
sweet and spunky baby girl
who is due
in just a couple of months!


MandaMommy said...

I'm aiming to have #2 before you get around to us... That means I only have a few days, right? I realize this is wishful thinking, but you never know!

Anonymous said...

hee! you'd better hurry, girlfriend!


Katie Richins said...

Yeah, um, good luck with that! ;)