Cousin Week : Day 3
Back to the other side of the family. See a pattern? Back and forth and back and forth again.

N1 – 22ish, boy(RM, ladies)
N2 – 20ish, girl
B1 – 17ish, girl
C1 – 15ish, boy
A– 13, boy
C2 – 11, boy
B2 – 9, boy
L – 3, girl
G – close to ½, girl


The oldest two live near-ish these days, and we love it! They both are in college and they both work a lot. They both are fun. They both are good dancers. They both are single…look out! Oh, and one of them gets hurt a lot, and the other one is sometimes to blame.
The next one, B1, is in highschool. She dances, too. And someday maybe just maybe you’ll get lucky and see a movie she made. And then you’ll laugh.
Then there is C1 and A, who are together on here because they get along so well in real life. Both of ‘em stand up guys, and it’s hard to find stand up teens these days. C1 wowed me with his knowledge of the theatre (not yer local cinema), and they don’t call Athe Professor” for nothing.
C2, "Mr. Fix-It"is, well, sunshine. I know I’m silly, but I see his smile and his eyes, and how sweet he is and it’s all over for me. And I’ve felt like that since he was a wee baby.
B2 is a doting big brother, and knows what’s up. If you are ever wondering what’s up, he will likely be able to tell you. He told me, and I loved every second of it.
L is a special girl with a big heart. She cares, oh my, she cares. She loves order, and prettiness, and talking on the phone. Or is it listening and laughing?
G is not very old yet, so she hasn’t told me much about herself, but what she has told me is that she is calm and sweet and that she loves smiles and tickles.

In summary

Fun, Silly Dancing, High School Musical, Knowledgeable, Joking, Snake-Holding, Smart, Slip n Sliding, Helpful, Balcony Jumping, Protective, ER visiting, Cookie Giving,
Big Family

Get the picture?


Anonymous said...

I (gasp) am tryimg (gasp, gasp) to comment (wheeze), but I cannot pull myself (heeheehee!) off the floor long enough (giggle) to do so. That is a HILARIOUS picture of G! Heeheeheeheehee!



Katie Richins said...

I know - it's quite unfair of me to use that one, when there are so many super adorable ones, but I LOVE it! I hope you don't mind!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not a bit. It's durn cute and kissable!

Thank you for the nice posting. My kiddlies will be happy!

Martie said...

That picture of Baby G is hysterically funny! A donut with ears!!!!!!!!!!

Martie said...

I see that I posted something similar long ago. Some things never change... but they get even bettah with age!!!!!!!!!!

Martie said...

It seems I always come back to comment on this same photo. Hahaha!! So funny. What a fat baby!