My youngest bro-in-law came for a visit.

We know how to show people a good time.

We went 3 stories underneath the earth's surface,

we ate dinner with no meat,

we went to a river that is so big it even has a beach.

He got to see 3 movies in the theaters for a grand total of $8,

saw a grey fox come running when he called,

and saw a man arrested.

He helped change a flat tire,

he rode on a boat,

he caught his second fish ever,

and pulled the kids around in their toy "tractor"

in lots and lots and lots of circles.

And there was more. Oh, yes, there was more.

It was a fun time, and he left here exhausted. Too bad, because he still had to drive 6 hours home, and then wake up the next morning and head to work.

Thanks, Blakey,

(and I will forever call you Blakey, even when you are 47 and I am 58),

for visiting us!
It was our pleasure!

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