Last night I called Big Sis.
I had to tell her the news.
I'm a-coming! I'm a-coming!
I'll be there, in good ol' MT, two weeks from today.
In preparation, we had to stay up late (1am for her!!) and talk.
I say talk, but I mean;
make no sense whatsoever,
annoy all within hearing distance,
and laugh maniacally.
A lot.
These two weeks better fly by, I tell you what.


Anonymous said...

and then those 4 days had better last a loooooooong time.

I woke up this morning with butterflies in my belly. I am so flipping excited!

THANK YOU!!!!!!! I cannot wait to be with you guys.

I told L. She woke up really grumpy. She was sitting on the couch being really wussy. I said, "L, guess what??!? Sam and Madelin are coming!!" And she got really big eyes and a big grin and said, "and KATIE??????" She is so excited!!

Katie Richins said...


Wow, I pulled the same move with Sam. He's so excited!!! You should have seen that smile! And I mentioned slip 'n slide to them, with B, and that was just icing!

Martie said...

I wish you'd written this today. Or two weeks ago.