7 reasons 7/7/07 was a very good day.

7. It's the number of times my kids came inside to find me, just to tell me they love me.

6. The number of beautiful eyes I got to gaze lovingly and adoringly into any time I wanted.(see above)

5. The number of paintings created. (see below)

4. The number of hours the kids rode around in circles on their bikes. Coincidentally, also the number of hours I peeked at them, and oohed and aahed, and comforted them after wrecks.

3. The number of times S.A.M. told me a secret, in my ear, for no-one else to hear. Don't you wish you knew what it was?

2. The number of extra yummy things we got to eat on this extra yummy day. Also, the number of times, times 7, that Mademoiselle asked for more.

1. The number of babies I got to cuddle as they drifted off to sleep in my arms. 7 seperate and blissful times!

Some might call it lucky. I call it blessed.


Anonymous said...

What an absolutely stunning photo! What camera did you use? Gorgeous.


Katie Richins said...

I used my little digital HP Photosmart R725, that's all. Nothing fancy. It has a macro setting that I just love.

Thank you!