Around these parts, we play outside all winter,
and hide out indoors in the HOT summers.

We have to keep ourselves occupied,
or else we might be found;
jumping off of the counters,
hoarding messes in the closets,
or trying to eat the potty.

(that's trouble with a capital T)

Sometimes we read.
Sometimes we cook.
Sometimes we play.
Sometimes we dance.
Sometimes we learn.
Sometimes we nap.
Sometimes we sing.
Sometimes we puzzle.
Sometimes we even watch a movie.

Today, we paint.


Anonymous said...

Looks like great fun at your house! (And it's cool to see a little bit of your place!)

Is S a lefty?

That is a truly stunning pic of M on the left! Burt said she loves her hair.

We love your website!


Katie Richins said...

Yes, it's true...he's all lefty.

Thanks for the compliments!

Our place looks nothing like I WANT it to, but at least it's a place, right?

Anonymous said...

And obviously well taken care of. Nice and cozy and homey.

Cam is a lefty too, and we're waiting to see for sure with Landry who is 50%/50%. (Grandpa M. is a total 50/50, so it would not be so strange, I guess.)