with baby Benevolence, then about 3 months old

My Dad

This smarty-pants is quite a guy.
Recently retired Professor, avid music lover (classical and oldies, especially), great bedtime-story reader, and persistent fly killer, he's always a hoot to have around.
I talked to him before Father's Day, and asked him some questions about being a dad and grandfather.

Here are a few gems from Dad, aka Grampy, BitBit, andDongy.

One of his biggest joys in parenting?
Getting everyone together, and everyone brings their extra years of experience apart and as individuals and families. You sort of strike sparks off of each other. But that's superficial, the differences. It also brings out a deep strain of similar backgrounds and experiences.

I could just sit and watch and listen for hours, and I can't even help participating sometimes.

What was the best thing about being a father to 6?

Undoubtedly it's seeing the enormous unpredictable diversity in talents and abilities that 2 sets of genes can make. There are common themes and threads. Every one of you is a distinct personality, but some things like music and writing I see surface in each of you but in different ways, with very different forms of expression.

Who's your favorite kid?

I would not ever, ever pick a favorite kid. When ever I'm with any one of you alone it's just wonderful - a great meeting of the minds. Like the last time I visited (our oldest sister), we talked and talked and kept saying the same thing at the same time. Over and over.
Thanks for the interview, dad!
Oh, indeed! I'm used to being interviewed.
Ha. That's funny.

Happy 66th Birthday, Dad!

We sure love you!


Kelly said...

Great idea. My dad also has such a special place in my heart. I might have to copy you and do something similar if that's okay.

Anonymous said...

You're such a great daughter. I hope someday I can be more like you. I sure love you and truly admire and respect you. Thank you for doing this with Dongy. It really choked me up.


Katie Richins said...

Golly gee whiz - a lot of what I am is because of you. I see your influence every day.

You're too sweet.