The next day of our vacation:
We packed and checked out of our hotel rooms. We headed to the store to get some food for a day at the beach. By the time we were done shopping, we were ready for eating! We stopped at a park and ate, and went on our way with happier tummies and children.
We went to Sunset Beach. It was as cold, no, even colder, than two days before. My kids didn't even get wet, between the chill factor and their sleepiness.
Everyone still found a way to have fun. We were all together, and that was good enough!
There was swimming, there was digging, there was running, there was castle-making, there was boogie-boarding, there was wave hopping, there was sandy-creme puff eating, there was shivering.
The younger ones had the hardest time with the constant and very strong wind. And there was sand in the eyes for all of us.
When it got close to dinner time, our little family had had enough. We sadly packed our things and said goodbye.
It was time to head back home.
Thank you, cousins, for all the fun and memories!

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