these are the days to remember

A Sunday evening bike ride with my 6 favorite humans - Tyler, Madelin, Sam, Ben, and James in front, and me, pulling Lewis in the trailer, behind.

Although, it turns out that taking non-blurry pictures at dusk while bike-riding is not a talent I have.

 Cute little buddy checking out dad pumping up tires.

I love living here.  Beautiful, yes?

The entire day was a blessed one, I think.  From the early morning, our family just fit together in harmony.  Before church, during what is usual busyness with a touch of chaos, we fit in some relaxing book reading and games and time together.  Everyone sped through getting ready, and what usually takes us 2 hours to accomplish was done in 45 minutes, and good thing because an hour before church we looked at the clock and realized it was what I tend to call 'crunch time' already, and we were behind.

Church was lovely - we enjoyed engaging and faith-promoting talks in sacrament meeting with minimal distraction from the kids, I had a great time singing with my class of one during singing time, and then our class time lasted only half an hour, which is plenty when there's only one student!

We headed home and had some traditional after-church chips and cheese, let the kids run around a bit outside, Tyler took a nap, and I watched an inspiring broadcast online and made dinner.  Tyler played a game with Sam, and the other boys wrote to their missionary cousin.  After we ate, Tyler took the kids for a little 'driving lesson' on the dirt roads, I did the dishes, and then we all went for a bike ride as the sun set.  We came home and I read to and put the little ones to sleep, and Tyler played a game with Madelin and Sam.

After the older kids were tucked happily in, Tyler and I spent some time together.  I love that man!  He's pretty much endless fun.

Doesn't that sound like a pretty great day?  I hope that when I'm old and gray, that these are the days that stick in my mind.  I hope even more strongly that when my children are grown and are parenting their own children, that these are the days they'll remember.

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Martie said...

What greater joy is there? The gospel and the family are a perfect fit and bring so muchhappiness when they go hand in hand. I'm happy that you're happy!