James got a haircut. It's true.


I was cutting the boys hair the other day and was just about floored when James sat in the chair and asked me to shave his head bald.  First of all - that kid has had strong feelings of hate for clippers since the last time I used them on him well over a year ago.  They buzzed against his shunt and that was it - game over.  I mean, I get it.  I think that has to feel pretty weird.  But let me tell you, I sure did not expect him to invite me to try them again.

Also, more importantly, I just love his long hair.  His hair is stick straight and very fine, but he has tons of it, and, I don't know, I guess it's kind of pretty, but he's my little guy, and I love him the way he is, and my heart wasn't braced for a drastic change.

Instead, we came to a little compromise.  I cut most of it short with the clippers, and then shortened up the top with scissors.  It's a few days later and I still can't stop staring at him. 

So, it's windy out and he's playing, and his hair is wild, but surely you get the gist.

 Is that not one incredibly handsome little three year old?  He just absolutely melts my heart.

 Also, you can kind of see that he has the an almost-gone black eye on his right side (that he bumped on something, but never did tell me what it was?), and burned ears on top, because, duh me, his ears were constantly covered by hair for months and were all of a sudden completely exposed.  Great thinking on my part.

Also, this gem of a kid was there.  He's golden, I tell you.  All courage and goodness and bravery and heart. He brings me endless joy.  He has his moments here and there of getting too rough, but I tell you, all in all he us just gooooood to the core.

And this chubby bubsy.  Love him!  And his blonde curls (speaking of hair)!

This is James a few weeks before the haircut.

Here he is after.

It's such a huge difference to me!  I love it both ways, and he's so adorable.  I just can't get over how drastically different a few inches is!

What do you think?


Peg Lewis said...

Well, I think you all are just adorable. And I like the haircut! It's not all that short. I can't imagine it buzzed all over. He is so totally CUTE! And they all are.

But what I'm wondering is, will this EVER happen to that blonde baby of yours?

Love this post!

Martie said...

I took a very sharp intake of breath when I saw the title and hadn't seen a picture yet. But I think he is adorable in his new cut! He looks (sorry) more grown up... like 4 might be around the corner. He is one handsome dude!

Katie Richins said...

Thanks, ladies. I love it and am torn up over it all at once.