Mission : Impossible - marshmallow and toothpick towers

Marshmallow and toothpick towers -

This was a fun little activity that kids ages 3 - 12 participated and enjoyed.  Score!  Also, they stuck with it for between and half an hour and an hour.  Score two!

So, here's what you need.  Get out a pencil and paper, because this is a super long list -

-toothpicks that are pointy on both sides
-mini marshmallows

That's it.

Just throw 'em on the table and let the kids do what they want with them.

I love these activities.  For real.  The kids all have their own ways of seeing things, and each of them created completely different structures.  Unfortunately, and this really stinks, our kitchen is a dungeon, and getting decent photos was pretty impossible.  Ha!  Impossible.  I guess the Mission : Impossible this time around was taking non-blurry pictures.  And I failed.


Hope you enjoy!

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Martie said...

I love the variety of structures they came up with.

We loved this activity too!

Thanks for coming back. I needed a Katie fix. Badly.