what is up

>>> We spent Easter and another weekend in Tucson.  We love spending time with family.  It makes it hard to come home - we feel lonely! (Those pictures above are from Tyler's parents' yard)

>>> The day we got back, my parents came for a short visit.  It was nice to see them.  Unfortunately, we had stormy cold weather the whole time, so we didn't really get out and do the fun stuff we like to do.

>>> Tyler left while my parents were still here.  He went on a big deep-sea fishing trip with some cousins.  He had a great time, and brought home some yummy fish!  I missed him a whole heap of a lot.  I'm over him being gone.  Like, I'm so over it.  I want him here.

>>> Kate, my niecey, came with my parents!  It was so fun to have her here.  We caught up, she taught me about what Tumblr is all about since it confuses me, we watched some old reunion videos from when she was just a kid, and she spent some epic bonding time doing projects with Madelin.  All around great fun!  Poor girl got super sick the last day she was here, though!  Bummer.

>>> Sam had his Pinewood Derby last night.  It was fun!  His car raced with ever-so-slightly still-wet paint and axles.  Oh well!  He had a blast.  I love watching walk sheepishly along the track.  Like his dad, he doesn't love lots of attention just on him, but also he has confidence there that has nothing to do with winning or losing or anything.  AND, he made the car.  He designed it.  He did almost all the work.  It was his.  Love it.

>>> I had a meeting last night with some great homeschooling moms to plan next years' co-op.  I loved it!  First, it was a most welcome and rare break from regular life, especially after a really busy week.  I had a tiny overpriced piece of cheesecake, but I treasured it!  Also, it got me excited for next school year - we meet twice a month and do enrichment-type classes and let the kids play and all sorts of other great stuff.  These ladies are truly great, and I'm so happy to be in their company!

>>> Tyler is back out of town again.  Did I mention I'm over it?  I'm OVER IT!  I miss him.  I might have already said that already.  It's just, he's the best part of this whole operation over here.

>>> My niece, Amber, was set apart as a missionary for our church yesterday, and enters the Missionary Training Center today.  I cannot even express what it's been like to watch her over the last 7 months.  She is so good, so very deeply good.  She is doing amazing service, and I admire her sacrifice and willingness and knowledge of the truth.  She will be living in the Halifax area for the next 18 months.  I'll miss her but I'm so over-the-moon thrilled about what she is doing.

So, that pretty much brings us up to date!  There are tons of things I've missed, but that's how these things go!  We have a few fun things coming up, not the least of which is Madelin's rodeo this weekend!  We get to go see all that she has learned on horseback over the last several weeks.  I'm so pleased with this program, with all that she's learning, and what it means for her!  So fun.

And today?  I'm going to take a rare and welcomed slow day.  I have laundry to do and a baby to cuddle and good stuff like that.  Home stuff, you know.  (happy sigh)

Oh, and bee tee dubs, those boys up there are endless fun and adventure and my toes are getting pretty strong from all of the keeping me on them that they require.


Martie said...

That's a whole lotta happy. Pics of the rodeo, please. Everyone is so big. Are we going to see you guys sometime????

Martie said...

By the way,I love the cute photos!!