getting un-stuck

completely unrelated picture of a wild attempt at a family picture late Easter Sunday.

I'm in a stuck place.

Honestly, that's not even true.  There are lots of changes happening around here, as usually happens around April and October as I try to re-dedicate myself to every good thing.  So, routines are tweaked, policies are adjusted, intentions are put into action - all that good stuff.

But my mind.  It swirls.  It's in a dozen different directions all in the same moment, and swirls and swirls some more until.

Well, until, eventually these thoughts will settle and take the shape of opinions and perspectives and understandings and conviction.  But right now is not then.

Right now is the time of swirling thoughts.

And so I have nothing much else to say.

I'll be back soon!

1 comment:

Martie said...

I do the same. More power to ya!!! But don't stay away too long. My mind is whirling and twirling too, and you are an anchor in my life.