how we met - part 2

I decided to write a record of what I remember about my early relationship with Tyler.  I am already forgetting so much, and I want to capture as many of the memories as possible.  I also want my kids to be able to read it, when and if they ever become more curious about it.  I know Tyler would tell it differently, but to me, this is how we met  -

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He told me he loved me.  We had never even gone on a date.  But our friendship had been long and great, and while I wasn't exactly surprised, I didn't feel the same way.

I went home that night and talked to my roommate.  I didn't tell her what happened, I don't think, but I believe I said I could never marry Tyler.  That's a pretty telling thing to say, isn't it, because it means that I had given it some thought, right?  I thought I couldn't be with him.  I'd seen him in the other relationship, and I thought he wasn't the guy for me.


I packed my things and readied for my move.  My mom and I were going to travel up to Provo on the same day, and attend my older brother's graduation from BYU Law school.  I spent a lot of time with my special friends, and enjoyed that last couple of weeks with them.  I had mixed feelings about leaving, but I'd prayed about it a lot.  I really felt like it was right for me.

Sometime in that week before we left, I went on a date with Tyler.  I don't remember what we did, or where we went.  I know at some point during this time, we held hands.  I also know he wanted to kiss me, but I didn't let that happen.  There were lots of reasons, but me leaving soon was a big one.


The night before I left two things happened. I kissed Tyler.  And Tyler stayed up all night making me a cd.  It was full of BeeGees sappy love songs.  I hated it.  Kind of.  Also, I kind of loved it.

I left early that morning, with a walkie-talkie in my car, and one in my mom's.  We talked every once in awhile, and followed each other up to Provo.  I cried almost the whole way, and I wasn't sure why.  I wanted to move, I wanted this change.  And I didn't feel sure about Tyler at all.  I'd already had two very serious (to me) relationships end suddenly and unexpectedly in the last 6 months.  It was so hard.

But there I was in my car, hour after hour, just crumbling and being sad.


Remember that first guy I dated in this story?  The one I grew up knowing?  He helped me find a new apartment in Provo when I found out the one we'd planned on was pretty horrible.  And he took me out a few times. We were just good friends, but I could tell we could easily fall back into our old relationship. One night we went out to eat at Olive Garden, where he worked, and saw another of our friends from our ward growing up, who was pretty happy to see us together.  After dinner we headed back to my apartment.  As we sat down on the couch, the phone rang.

It was Tyler.


Real said...

Still waiting...

How can you write so slowly?

Real said...

Also, on your last little episode, it was seriously just like a TV drama. You are in the car and Tyler says he loves you and then CUT. You move on with the story. But what I want to know is when you're alone in a car and someone says "I love you" and you don't feel the same....What did you say? What did you do? Was that the most awkward moment? What did Tyler think?

Katie Richins said...

Well, I have to walk the line here of sharing the story but not incriminating or embarrassing either of us. You know.

Martie said...

This is fun! I like lots of details too. Is the guy in Provo A?

Martie said...

I just might start writing up mine and Lane's story too. It's kind of awkward since we were, like, 12. But what do I have to lose? Besides the respect of my readers?

Katie Richins said...

You wont lose their respect. We're all so silly, every one of us. And we all botch relationships. It's been hard to write in some ways, but I love it, too. DO IT!

And, no, the guy in Provo is most certainly NOT A. Who, I could not figure out who the heck you were referring to!

Martie said...

Oh. This was the time when I had no contact with you at all. It's a big blank in my mind. Until your wedding. And THAT I have memories of!

Michelle said...

Aaah! No, the initials didn't help! Maybe you could PM me on facebook? I am loving this. Wish I could have been nearby so we could have talked about this every step of the way. :)