how we met - .5

I decided to write a record of what I remember about my early relationship with Tyler.  I am already forgetting so much, and I want to capture as many of the memories as possible.  I also want my kids to be able to read it, when and if they ever become more curious about it.  I know Tyler would tell it differently, but to me, this is how we met  - 

pt. 1 here

Here are a few things you should know - 

1 - Tyler never once thought of me during highschool.  We saw each other in our early morning seminary class, but went to two different schools.  He thought I was a bad girl or some kind of a rebel.  I asked him why once and he said something about me wearing my baseball cap backwards.  My Boston Red Sox baseball cap.  First impressions are funny.

2 - This is pretty intimate for me to share, but when I was 17 I was dating a guy for awhile.  I was worried in some ways about having that serious of a relationship.  I thought a lot about who I would someday marry.  Would it be someone I already knew?  A good friend?  A stranger?  Here's a phrase that was meaningful to me: "choose from among your friends..."  I thought.  I prayed.  At one point I told my friend I thought I'd marry ____'s brother, Tyler. I didn't remember that until after we were married.

3 - My first job was for Olan Mills Photography studios.  I was a telemarketer.  I was 17, and calling a long list of customers every day to offer them deals we had.  My first sale was to Tyler's mom.  I sold her his mission portraits. I only had that job for like a month.

4 - When we were in elementary school there were one or two years we went to the same little school.  We didn't know each other and he was a grade ahead of me.  But, we do have a picture of us at our '50 Nifty' program, standing there on stage with only one or two people between us.  I think that's pretty fun.


Martie said...

How sweet! My friend Nancie went to Kindergarten with her husband. The photos kill me! They are so cute. There are just two little kids sitting there looking like their future children. I would like to see your photo!

Norman says he was attracted to me because I was so "pure". It stands to reason that you were the bad one.


Martie said...

Martie said...

We both have not posted since Sunday. Race ya!

Martie said...

I appear to be talking to myself.

Katie Richins said...

Ha! Sorry! I thought I responded. :) I don't know where that picture is these days, but I should try to dig it out.

I love that dress!!