want need wear read

WANT - lindt chocolate truffles.  dark.  need I say more?

NEED - a fireplace tool set.  we use our wood stove to heat our house, always have, and we've never had a set.  it'd be handy. and this one is simple and pretty.

WEAR - this dress is ... perfection.  love it.

READ - been meaning to check wives and daughters out for the longest time, but it's never in the library.  maybe this will be my lucky week.  already a huge fan of the movie.


Martie said...

I love the dress too. I have seen a few littler ones around and think the girls would look peachy in them. Think royal blue with an emerald green overlay.

Katie Richins said...

Sounds so pretty! 2 of my favorite colors.

Martie said...

Agreed! Methinks that particular one was at Target or Old Navy.

Katie Richins said...

The one above is from Anthro. I prefer a good knock-off, for sure.

Martie said...