10 rules for making healthy food choices

I recently read this post on On Hand Modern.  It resonated with me - the priorities they chose to focus on surrounding food in their family were so similar to our food choices.  But it made me think how helpful it is to be purposeful and mindful of the choices we are making.  There is a real benefit to having things spelled out clearly, so when it comes to moments when we need it, reinforcement for our choices is right there, ready  to be read and written in our own words.

So, this is my attempt at spelling out our family's food culture, so that the choices I make as the primary food provider in the family are in line with our ideals.  I think it should help us choose healthy foods for our family, and have healthy relationships with what we eat.

Richins Family Food Rules

1 - eat at the table and with each other for every meal.  exception - friday night movie night.

2 - serve at least one fruit or vegetable at every meal.

3 - meal times are 7, 11, and 6.  fruit or vegetable snacks are available at 10 and 2.  homemade popcorn or chips and salsa or smoothies and the like are available at 4.  no snacks after that.

4 - no food is available after dinner.  eat your dinner.  if you don't eat your dinner and you are hungry at bed time, i'm so sorry, but you'll have to wait until breakfast to eat.  please remember to eat your dinner next time.

5 - do not complain or criticize the meal.  say thank you.  if you don't like it, eat enough to be full and move on.  someday you will eat food in someone else's house that you don't like, and knowing how to be polite about it is important.  

6 - help cook.  your help is always welcome.  someday you will be so glad you know how.

7 - we drink water.  juice is only to help with taking of medicine.

8 - clear your place after every meal.  help with kitchen clean up after dinner.  it'll only take a few minutes. teamwork! (hint: playlist!!)

9 - if you are cooking, clean as you go and use between times to get a head start on dishes.  it's so worth it.

10 - by all means, talk all through your meal.  we love to hear what you have to say.  but if you can't say something nice...

Here's a prettied-up version. A free printable for you, if you want it -

Is there anything you think I've missed?  I'm sure I haven't considered it all.  And I focused for sure more on behaviors than health specifically.  It's hard to know where to draw that line - do I need to preach about health when I'm the one offering the meals and doing the shopping?  

I'm interested to know where you differ from us.  Do you feel strongly about no snacking or drinking milk, for instance?

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