Why have one when you can have 2? or 4?

Oh, James, James, James.  How you love your sweets.  One of any treat is never enough.  And, well, have you seen you?  You are pretty cute.  And super hard to resist.

Super Sam, I can't get over you being nine.  You're all tall and lanky and funny and quirky and so busy in your head.  And good.  You are truly and deeply and sincerely good.  I sure love that about you!  Your goodness is why, even though I thought I'd never do it, I totally caved on the video game thing.  Now you get to play the games of your dreams, just a few, and not for too long - but you sure love it.

Ben, I took 12 pictures of you in about a minute's time, and this is the only one close to in focus.  You we standing, jumping, hopping, then you sat for a split second, and phew!  You are pure energy and enthusiasm.  Love that!

Goodness gracious but these kids are mine.  How is that even believable?  Because it isn't.

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Martie said...

I think they're wonderful too, even though I am not exactly bystanding. But I love them anyway and I think Heavenly Father gifted you with some amazing small people. I love the whole bunch of you guys.