want need wear read

want -  I'm in serious want of a good old fashioned family game night.  Most board games are way too long for my short attention span, and my need to be an attentive mom, but Dominion's kinda fun and pretty short. I could use some laughter and levity!  Thing is, I know right this very moment Tyler is playing hard with some of his favorite people.  Lucky duck.

need - I woke up the other morning  to find my glasses smashed on the floor.  Funny, I'd left them on the desk before going to bed.  And nobody knows how it happened.  So, now I'm resigned to some headaches until I can find an amazing deal, or better yet, a free pair.

wear - I just bought a pair of China flats for myself.  Do you remember those?  They're a super cute shoe, with that little strap in front of the ankle, and extra bonus, they are super cheap (usually between $5 - $10) and come in so many colors.  Why not, right?

read - I have to be honest.  Recreational reading hasn't even been on the radar for me recently, so I need some great book suggestions so I can hit the library.  Any ideas?

So, I compiled these a couple of weeks ago, and this post just sat in my drafts.  But, here I am trying to sit still and take it easy so I can not get too sick with this flu I'm currently fighting.  So here it is!  

This weekend we are going to visit family. It's going to be a great time - an extended family mini-reunion.  I'm looking forward to catching up with some of my favorite people and hopefully get in some of the game time I mentioned above.  A few days out of town for a fun reason is so very welcomed!  Hopefully we'll all be healthy and ready for the party!

In the last couple of weeks Sam turned 9, Tyler traveled a bunch for work, we had days in the negatives (which means a lot of time feeding our fire to try to keep our house comfortable), the kids have all had their turns at this sickness thing, and I've been working on promoting the EVERYTHING sale.  Lewis is standing on his own, dancing like a wild child and thisclose to walking!  So fun.  

We're also working on some changes in the way we manage our family.  I'm finally at a point after having Lewis, after the big summer reunions I got to help plan, and after some other big life stuff, to really focus on not just getting it all done, but doing it in the best ways - ways that help strengthen our family and prepare our kids for adulthood.  We've got some good changes in the works to hopefully help our kids be more motivated and more self-driven.  We'll see!  I think it's kind of a sick obsession of mine, organizing and planning.  Isn't that a weird thing for someone to love?  But I do.  I love it all. 

Also, I got called back into Primary to be a teacher.  I love Primary - it's definitely where I feel at home.  I'm teaching the little 4 years olds, and I've got quite a wild and boisterous bunch!  I taught them one week, then Tyler took them last week while I stayed home with sick kids.  Now he will forever know what I mean when I talk about how exhausting these kiddos can be. Their enthusiasm is the best - even if it's for pretending to be dangerous alligators instead of sitting still listening to the lessons.  We'll get there in the end!


Martie said...

I will think about books. Better yet, I will ask Tanner. Glasses? Have you tried Zenni Optical? Where did you find the shoes?

Katie Richins said...

I haven't tried Zenni - I'll check it out. I was too spoiled by my free pair from Coastal!

Shoes - amazon! I got a turquoise pair for $6. Love!

Thanks for looking into books. I love historic fiction especially, but that stuff can get racy, I hear.

Martie said...

We love Zenni Optocal. Pretty inexpensive. That's lousy about your glasses! I will check out the shoes! Shanks!

Ashley Bagley Nielson said...

Those flats look awesome!

Katie Richins said...

Ashley - I adore them. I absolutely recommend! Thanks for visiting - love your blog!