Lewis is blessed!

13 weeks old

On Sunday May 13, 2012, Lewis received his name and a blessing.  What a beautiful gift to receive - the hands of loving priesthood holders, led by his loving father, gently coming together in this ordinance.  As he wore a gown that was made by the hands of one grandmother, and passed through the family for three decades, and a blanket that was made by the hands of the other grandmother especially for him, my heart was filled.  Not one of us can ask for more than to be so welcomed to this world, to be greeted by the arms of many who love us.  The literal and figurative circle he is held in will bless his entire life.  I am so grateful that he, and our other children, have been blessed in this way.


Martie said...

It does sweet things to my heart to see yet another Lewis (heh!) in the blessing gown. All nine of ours have worn it. Yours too? Lewis seems to be getting some cheekies!!

Anonymous said...

No one cares for these things anymore... how great it is to find someone who still believes in the Lord's blessing. Nice blog.