I guess this is a sure sign it's fair weather outside - Mademoiselle is back at the corner selling whatever she can think of.  Sometimes it's juice, sometimes it's baked goods, sometimes both.  Sometimes she's alone, sometimes she's with the brothers, sometimes friends jump in.  She always has the kindest customers - the guy on the motorcycle who tipped her generously, the neighbor who sometimes comes twice in one day, the people from church who recognize the kids and make a quick stop.

Mads always come in completely tousled by the wind, sometimes slightly burned, and always very content because of her days' work.

A few weekends ago, during our yard sale, and long after it ended, Mademoiselle and some friends sold and sold and sold.  The hauled in quite a lot, and they worked as a team, and they loved it and can't wait to do it again.  When they were done and cleaned up, the money started to burn little holes in the girls' pockets, so my friend took them on a trip to a thrift store see if there were any purses there that they wanted.  Mademoiselle came home with a cute purse, and plenty of money left to save in her stash.

I love that she knows that if there is anything beside the basics that she want, that she is capable of finding a way to earn it.  Some things take longer to save for, and some are quick buys.  She's been working towards roller skates for months, and she's finally close to her goal!  How exciting.

It surely is a level of drive that I never had.  How about you?  Were you a young entrepreneur?  Did you have plans and schemes and endeavors?


Peg Lewis said...

YES I was a young entrepreneur! I made potholders and sold them door to door. In high school I knit sweaters for people, but only a few. Or maybe only one. And of course I babysat, drumming up business in creative ways.

I don't know if Mlle wants an idea, but here's one in case she does: go door to door with a wagon and find out if people have books just cluttering up their houses. Or recent magazines. Offer to cart them away. Then set up a used-book table. Accept drop-offs. Have cookie samples nearby.

Good luck, Mlle! Soon you will have enough to invest!

Martie said...

Good job, little lady! Braden and his bestie made tons of money selling lemonade when they were 11. I hope you do too! But more than that I hope you have lots of fun!