Hello and happy day!  Over here, schools are getting out for summer, and many vacationers are arriving for camping and fishing and exploring and fun.  Here are some things I found this week that I thought were beautiful or interesting or both.  Enjoy!

This free printable is super.  I wish my printer worked in color! (a little Doris Day is always welcome, you know?)

I think this print is adorable and spunky.  Reminds me of a certain little four-year-old I know and love.

And this photo?  It's just beyond me.  I'm such a sucker for nostalgia.

I think this would make for a super-fun afternoon with the kids.  Maybe on one of those summer days when we get all worn out by noon from all the fun we're having, and just have to crash and relax for awhile?

I'm thinking these would be a fun project, and super useful for the kids.  They would get such a kick out of having their own portable workspace, and there are so many ways to make each one personalized!

Sweet?  Simple?  Delicious?  Summery?  I say yes, please.

Can I brag for a quick minute?  This is one of my super-awesome brothers and his work.  I hardly even know a thing about it, (excepting it has to do with Physics and stuff), that's how out of my league it is.

So. I've been hearing a lot about Chia - it seems to be a current health fad.  But, like many health fads, there's probably some legitimacy in it.  Have you added Chia into your diet?  Have you noticed any benefits to it?  I'm intrigued.

For kids clothes, we receive hand-me-downs (thankfully!), buy some items at thrift stores, and then a couple of store bought sale items.  It works for us.  But here's another great source of used clothing online and I'm sure I'll be using it in the future!

Did you know we live in a "no-vacation nation"?  I sure did.  I found this fascinating.

Ever since I read it, this post has been on my mind.  I've long subscribed to the idea that kids should spend hours outside everyday, but this last winter I gave in and hunkered down.  What do you think?

I hope you and your families have a wonderful weekend - maybe even some sunshine and warmth mixed in there for good measure?  We're going to be laying low while the world around us gets super busy for Memorial Day weekend.  Dad's out of town, and friends are off on adventures, so we'll come up with a plan or two to have our own fun here at home.  What are your fun plans?


Janalee said...

I love that idea that kids should be outside all the time. I agree. That's why houses used to be so small a hundred years ago. well some - think Little house - because they spent lots of time outside. it's harder in the city. you're the lucky one.

Katie Richins said...

It is harder in the city!! I agree. It probably helps when you have a pool. (wink)