Last week we went for a picnic at a little area not too far from here.  It was beautiful - the sun was warm and the breeze was chilly, the water was icy but not too deep or fast.  We had plenty of time and room to explore, relax, eat, read, play, build, and even nap. 

When we were ready to move on, I surprised the kids with some cobbler and ice cream at a little diner nearby.  It was way out of character for me, but such a fun way to make the day more memorable and exciting for the kids.  It was just me and the four kids in this quiet little place, with just a few older customers. Fortunately, the kids did a wonderful job, and were complimented on how well they behaved. Phew!  I'm so grateful for the occasions when we're told we're a great family - makes up for the times when we're all little hellions!

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Martie said...

What a sweet day! I wish we could have gone along with you.