Isn't he just the cutest little pizza maker this side of Napoli?

Now that our family is finally, officially, completely done with the stomach flu that we've been passing around since our trip, it's time to get back to routine.  I'm a fan of routine.  Me and routine?  We're likethis.  I'm pretty excited to get this week off to a good and productive start.  I just hope the kids get on board!

On the schedule for this week -

- great amounts of school work, hopefully completed mostly outdoors (if the wind cooperates!)
- s'more Spring Cleaning - walls and baseboards, windows, and bathroom cabinets, in that order.
- miss Tyler as he spends most of the week away.  Again.
- get together with some friends we haven't seen in a few weeks, and hopefully welcome Tyler's brother's family for a fun weekend.
- take lots of pictures.
- go for a long walk at least 3 times.
- make a big decision, and have confidence in it.

That's about it.  How about you?  What are your productive plans (or hopes and dreams) for the week?  Anything special?


Unknown said...

You have a beautiful family!

Katie Richins said...

Thanks, Sam, so do you - all six of your kids are gorgeous and bright-eyed!

Peg Lewis said...

What a perfect little pizza maker!

As one of the very youngest of our grandchildren, he represents the far-ranging future. So it was really touching to see him in the photo with his great grandparents' bedside table in the background, an object that was familiar - piece of home and hearth - to me when I was his age. It was a wedding gift to my parents from my father's mother. So the reach of that photo is already 5 generations, and that doesn't include the pizzaman's descendants-to-be.

No one knows or can know the far-ranging consequences of our choices. I suppose that's the first application of faith, that we trust that whatever path we take, we will have the guidance of the Holy Ghost and the love of the Lord on our side, even if we can't second-guess what lies before us. The enduring forces are family, love, personal responsibility, and service. The rest is details.

I never met my grandmother. But I can almost hear her saying, I should get them THIS bedroom set - it's well made and will last for a very long time. Little did she know.

Even if pizza guy makes it his next throne.