our blooming plum tree

Sometimes the timing of life events are more than a little curious.  I can look back over the last decade and easily see how our little, unimportant family has been guided and blessed through everything.  A small, but also enormous example is that we were led to come back to Tyler's current job.  We thought that the choice to leave the job 18 months earlier had been correct, and were so surprised to find ourselves back in a new version of old circumstances. Two weeks after Tyler signed back with the agency, and one day after he started work, we found out we were pregnant with James.  My pregnancy with James was very difficult for me - far different from my previous pregnancies.  Then, after he was born, things just got harder.   No matter what I did, what doctors did, he wasn't thriving.  Finally, we got the diagnosis of hydrocephalus.  Had we not returned to Tyler's job right when we did, not only would we not have had insurance to help cover my pregnancy with James, we also very well may not have had insurance to cover James' piles of medical bills.

I know that in these circumstances, and in many others, we have been guided, not knowing ahead of time why we were doing what we were led to do.  And because we were willing to follow as best we could, we have been immeasurably blessed.  I'm grateful for a loving, caring, attentive Father in Heaven.  I'm grateful he knows me and my needs, and my family and our needs, and leads us on paths that protect and help us.

I know that the blessings Heavenly Father has poured out to us are available to all of His children, every one of us on this earth, if we but choose to follow His commandments.  I  know that Heavenly Father has a plan for each one of us, that prepares us to return home to His presence after the duration of our life on earth, and this plan was made possible by the loving sacrifice of our brother and Saviour, Jesus Christ.

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