i WILL figure out my camera - eventually.

We would have so much fun with a set of these at our table during meal times, and maybejustmaybe the kids would be distracted from their "I'mgonnadieifIdon'teatrightthissecond" hunger?

Mademoiselle is in awe of this party, making big plans for when she can use this as inspiration for her own party.

Tyler traveled again this week, so guess what I did in the evening?  Watch something just for me, of course.  It was fluffy and pretty and cute and love-filled.

In a couple of weeks, families across the country will be participating in a Screen-Free Week.  Here are some great ideas to help you, if you want to join in.  There were a few years in our life when we didn't have TV, videos, or internet access, and they were beautiful and difficult.  I think this might be what we need to get out of our winter mindset and into our outdoor, summery way of thinking?

We've been starting our mornings listening to the Angus and Julia Stone station on Pandora.  I highly recommend it - peaceful, beautiful, sunny sounding, happy.  It helps me feel a little bit more like a morning person (though I am decidedly not!)

Have a lovely weekend!  We're expecting snow (frown) but we get our dad back, so there's no complaining!
If you have a link you think I'd love, by all means, leave it for me in the comments - I love new and beautiful ideas!


Peg Lewis said...

No great links for you this morning, but I wondered if you could set your blogger so that your links show in a new window, not a new tab (I think). Then I will not lose my place as I CAN DO when I go to a wholly new tab. And I just have to close it and I'm back where I want to be, at your blog.


Real said...

Those chalkboard placemats are cute. But $33!?! I often see them at a dollar store. They probably aren't as high quality, won't last as long and maybe don't erase very well. But you could at least give it a try for only $4.