Dear April,

I'm not sure what to say.  We've always had a rocky relationship, haven't we?
I mean, the good times?  They were so good.  The sun ever so slightly burning my nose.
That one time I wore flip flops.  All the walks we've taken together.  But, I'm always
 on edge around you.  You're so unpredictable.  Like today - a high of 32?  Are you kidding me?
That's not even a little bit funny.  It hurts, it really does, and I'm not going 
to try to tell you differently.  That's the kind of behavior I expect from
 your friends, February and March, but not you, April.   Not you. 
 I know you're a passionate month, April.  I get it.
But, one of these days you're going to have to rethink this whole lion/lamb thing
and just decide to settle down.  

And when you do, April?  Give me a call. 


Dear sweet hennie-pies,

I do so love your healthy eggs that you generously share with me, 
and I rather adore watching every child that comes to our house 
chase after you, but I thought you should know, 
and not to be rude or anything, but I don't really care how cold 
it is, or how snowy the ground is, you will never be welcome to leave
little gifts for me on my doorstep.  We just don't have that kind
of relationship.  'Kay?  'Kay.

Glad we had this little talk.


Unknown said...

Dear litte mama,
Your posts make me laugh, think, smile, ponder, ooh and aww, ect!
Your avid reader

also, I had never heard of this screens-free week... I think it will be tough for me(for various reasons) (and the kids), but I am feeling like it is something we must do! So, thanks for sharing! :)

Katie Richins said...

Dear Adriana,

I'm g;ad you come here, and enjoy it! You're one of my favorite relatives, and we miss you around here! If you do the screen-free week, I'll do it, too. Deal?


Real said...

Hey, if you're doing a screen-free week, what are your other faithful readers going to read when we come here?

Unknown said...

Love this! I have also been having conversations with April (Whyyyyyy?) and my chickens.... (if you get wet, get OUT OF THE RAIN)...

Enjoyed this!

Janalee said...

haven't heard of screen free week. don't think art would go for it. I might be inclined.

also, your blog just keeps getting better and funnier and more creatively written. Which begs the question - why did you deprive us for that whole year? maybe you were just gearing and shoring up.