Shoop Shoop!

Today is Monday March 14, 2011 and I'm your guest blogger for the day--Real Beautopotamus--coming to you live from My City, My State, USA where we have thoroughly enjoyed the company of the one and only Katie Richins and Co.

It's been fascinating to watch Katie parent and homeschool on a 24/7 basis.  On their first morning here she paid more attention and was more interactive with her kids than I am on a weekly basis.  She's kind of exhausting to watch.  And she had patience just oozing from every orifice.  Sometimes her kids snuggle up to her and roll around in the stuff.  It doesn't seem to matter how late she stays up, she's always up early ready and raring to go dispensing kind words and sweet hugs all day.  She is truly a force to behold.  I usually behold her while sitting on my beautopotamus bottom eating bonbons while my wild, unruly kids run around wishing for some mom attention. 

We had a blast doing Jazzercise together on Friday.  Katie said she couldn't stop smiling the whole time.  I certainly didn't see her without a smile.  We're doing it again this Friday.  Also, we had a dance party with everyone on Saturday night--minus the husbands.  But that's ok because sometime this week they will be taking us out to an actual dance club.

Other than that, we have taken the kids to the playground and have plans to do story time at the library.  There have been been plenty of lightsaber duels and screaming and laughter and just general running around excitedly.  Also we have watched our fair share of Avatar:  The Last Airbender as well as Man vs. Food and Cake Boss.  And the conversation!  Awesome.  I've been loving the late night chats.

You poor chaps have to settle for merely reading this blog, but we get the real live thing for more than another whole week!  Suckas!


Real said...

[insert awesome comment here]

Janalee said...

really funny. I can tell you're all hyped up from last Friday still.