I'm here with my family, enjoying our little vacation.  We're having such a great time with our family members and friends.  Two weeks can seem so long and short at the same time!  We have so many things we want to fit into our time here, but what always wins out for me is just visiting and talking with the people I love.

Speaking of love, here are a few things I've loved this week -

This is the stuff dreams are made of!  And, in my afraid-of-heights case, also nightmares.

I do my best to feed my family healthy foods, and give them lots of food experiences - we garden, fish, hunt, and butcher.  This article makes me wish we could have even more food adventures - crabbing and clamming?  Memorable AND delicious.  To bad we don't live near an ocean!

I'd never read about the twelve senses before finding this, but it meshes with my ideas of what children need, and when.  This whole blog is delightful.

My kids had to try this climb after they saw it.  Now I've got spider-boys and -girl in my house.  What, exactly, was I thinking?  (Oh, and my kids don't have the candy incentive, either!)

I really truly love this so very muchly.  It's the design show I never knew I always wanted.  The host, Emily Henderson, is beyond adorable, and her style and taste?  Practically perfect in every way.

Since we'll have three boys in one room soon, I've been thinking about what to do with all those little sleeping bodies.  I love these beds.  Perfect for a big family in a not-so-big space.  Or maybe a three-level bunk built into the wall like that?  Oh, and that reminds me - these are super amazing, too!

This weekend we have more visits planned, Tyler is skiing, and who knows what other adventures we might have.  And, an extra bonus to this wonderful time is that it feels like spring here, too!  I love the sunshine!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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