This afternoon, while the little guy was napping, we all ended up outside for some epic swinging. Tyler was pushing the kids so high they were hitting the branches. It reminded me of swinging as high as I could on the playground in elementary school, and then jumping off.  That moment in the air made me so sure I really could fly.  I spent a lot of time trying to convince my family that it was true (do you remember?), and hours jumping from the couch, just so sure that if I did it right, that I could take off.

It also reminds me of this, one of my very favorite things from Sesame Street.


Martie said...

Oh my goodness. My FAVORITE SS Song. Used to sing it to you guys and then sang it to all of mine over the years. LOVE it. So carefree.

Peg Lewis said...

Reminds me of a poem my mother used to read to me:

Oh how I love to go up in a swing,
Up in the sky so blue.
Oh it is the most wonderful thing
Ever a child could do.

Over the trees and over the walls till I can see so wide
dumdee rivers and waterfalls
dumdee dum countryside.

By Robert Louis Stevenson

One of you has that book of poems. It has a black & white photo of a girl in a swing on the cover, and I see to recall Nana saying she thought it looked like me.

Happy memories of that, and also of the very act of swinging itself, which I loved. But YOUR kids are taking it to new heights!

Janalee said...

What a neat swing and huge tree. I always get nervous that ours is going to break because the rope is on the thin side. Actually it did break with Dana once. She got the wind knocked out of her. So I want to get a thick rope. But then I worry that the actual branch will break off - which also has happened. So see, my fears are grounded. Nevertheless we swing. (hey this almost has some real-life parallels!)