look at that poor little sick crusty adorable face.  i mean, really.

Yesterday it was like our town was yelling, "Welcome Home!," in a sweet, happy, springish sort of way.  We spent the day raking up leaves and clippings and branches and burning them in a gigantic bonfire, doing massive amounts of laundry, and catching up with our neighbors.  We basked in the Home Sweet Home-ness of it all.  The work was gratifying, the air was cool, the sun was toasting, the company was delightful.  We capped off the day with some bonfire-roasted potatoes, grilled steaks, and our favorite March vegetable, asparagus.  It was lovely.


MandaMommy said...

That does sound lovely. Especially the sun part. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

Martie said...

sounds perfectly nice. how do u roast potatoes in a bonfire without them blackening?

Katie Richins said...

Sister, I wrapped them in a double layer of heavy suty aluminum foil. Our fire was still really hot, so I made a big packet with all the potatoes inside together. They cooked pretty perfectly in about a half an hour!