Merry Christmas
to all of you.

This is honest-to-goodness the best picture
I could finagle with sincere effort.
At least it requires no description of the kids
and their personalities.

Our Family


Unknown said...

Merry Christmas!!! I LOVE that picture! James is sooo gorgeous and big! All the kids are def. showing personality!!!!

Martie said...

I don't think I would have recognized J or B if I walked right past them! LOVE it! Thank you for your sincere effort! I got what I wished for for Christmas! ;o)


Martie said...

Love it. Love THEM!!

Peg Lewis said...

James looks just like....and then poof it's gone. But a Lewis. Poof again, almost had it that time...

More photos, that's all I can say. I stare and stare and a few more little clues would help a lot. 50 or 60 more photos, for example.


Janalee said...

yep,that looks about right

Unknown said...

yeah, it's just so hard to pose more than one child!

Merry Christmas! I hope you guys are enjoying the cold weather :D

Unknown said...

hooray! i've been waiting for more pics from you. so adorable.

Martie said...

There is a new little boy in Delany's class named Brycen, and he looks JUST. LIKE. S. Every time I see him I want to hug his daylights out. Now wouldn't THAT cause a stir. I MISS you guys.