We've got a little territorial dispute happening in our yard today.

First S.A.M. came inside and told me that birds were chasing him. Honestly, I thought he was making it up. So, I headed outside with him to take outgoing mail to the mailbox, and sure enough, there were a few birds heckling me and flying around me.

After a little investigation, (moms are good at that, right?), I found out that Mademoiselle and our neighbor had "looked" at these birds' nest yesterday.

And started a war.

So now Benefactor needs to be around taller people in the yard because they are not at all hesitant to chase him. And when we are outside it's accompanied by a constant chattering, and an occassional dive-bombing. And I'm pretty sure they recruited some allies, because there are quite a few of them in trees around the yard.

Wanna see what we're up against? I'm pretty sure they are Brewer's Blackbirds. (by the way, the site that links to is pretty fun and useful.)

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Unknown said...

backup is on the way!
I wish! Thomas and Alex could show those birds a thing or two... ok, maybe just Alex, he's my bodyguard :D

Katie Richins said...

He's built like one!! I'd run away scared!! That kid's solid.