Today is a tumultuous day.

The wind is tossing our fruit trees to and fro. It's blustery and intense, and then still for a moment or two, and then blustery and intense again. It's on again, off again cloudy. The sun shines beautifully through the leaves and branches, and then is covered by a blanket of dark forboding clouds.

My moods today are about as tumultuous as the weather. One minute lonely and sad, the next a little playful and silly, and then dark and down.

Everybody has a day like this every once in awhile, but today it's my turn.


Unknown said...

yeah, I always wish I didn't have to have days like that! I much more of a sunny person and I like to be a sunny person... that just doesn't seem to happen as much anymore :(
I hope the sun shines bright tomorrow :)

Real said...

I think women are born to be tumultuous. The day you described is beautiful and a tumultuous pregnant mommy is, too.

Martie said...

especially katie.

Real said...

One visual I've had as I've checked your blog several times a day only to find the exact same post is a graph of the hormones in women's body. Wave upon wave of crashing hormones--some going up some going done. The interplay is awesome. That's what I meant by women are born to be tumultuous.

Katie Richins said...

I loved what you said, Real. I kept it in mind all weekend to remind me when I start to feel too emotional that it means something beautiful is happening. You have such a great perspective on these things.