1) I call Mademoiselle "My Darlin'". And every once in awhile I start singing "Oh My Darlin'", and I get about that far, and she starts crying. Once, years ago, I sang more of the song, and she thought it was the saddest thing ever, and now she just can't handle it. And sometimes, for a splist second, I forget.

2) One of these days we will go down to Tucson for a visit and come back and the kids will NOT get sick.

3) Speaking of songs, I keep singing "And the green grass grows all around, all around, and the green grass grows all around" because it does. And I've never lived like this before. And I love it.

4) This morning Mademoiselle and I made The Worlds' Most Disgusting Smoothie Ever. It had an entire fresh pineapple in it. What a waste. I actually poured it down the sink instead of choking it down. That's a first.

5) The apples are growing. The cherries are not. The garden is almost all planted. Just thought you should know.

Bonus #6) Tyler came back from a day-long fishing trip with lots of fish tales and some dirty clothes. I washed them, and they stank. Tyler and I were confused. I left them over the weekend while we were gone. We came home and they stank worse. I opened the washer to run them through again, and it stank. I looked through the ins and outs of the washer and found crawdad shells. I took them to Tyler. He laughed and confessed he had forgotten 2 crawdads were in his pockets. But I love that when I went through his pockets more thoroughly (gotta love cargos with lots of hidden pockets) I found rope, fish hooks, rocks, pine needles and more. So much like an adventurous little boy hoarding his treasures.


Martie said...

Braden understands. He and Tyler are so alike, and Braden is definitely a full-pockets kid. Cute, cute story!

sheila said...

most disgusting smoothie. umm Ashley wanted to make V8 one time. I told her if she did she had to taste it. She did it was nasty to see and smell.

As for Tyler this story was very very funny and I have a feeling you will have a lot more experiences with him and your boys.

Unknown said...

interesting tidbits! I especially had to laugh about Tyler and I pictured S.A.M :) holding all of those treasures :D

Hey, do you guys think you'll be going up to Idaho?

Tim and Mandi said...

Don't you love being married to someone who isn't quite "grown-up" yet. Mine's the same way and I think it makes him the most amazing daddy!

Linsey F said...

So jealous of your grass. I miss nice grass.

Does your washing machine still stink? So disgusting! Luckily Mine never goes fishing. I refuse to check pockets. If it is found in the wash, it's mine. I once washed his whole wallet. That was a good day!