I almost forgot.

I almost forgot that last week, while Tyler and I were so busy working in our yard, our kids set up a roadside place of sale.

It wasn't really a stand.

There was no lemonade involved.

There was a sign, which literally read S2$ but really meant $.25 .

They brought out the bathroom stool and placed it next to the mailbox.

They rang a little brass bell to draw attention to themselves.

S.A.M. even snuck in a few occassional heckles to neighbors who ventured from the safety of their houses to retrieve their mail.

But they didn't sell their wares. Nobody, not one of the maybe 4 people that passed, stopped to purchase a song. Can you even believe it?

Mademoiselle sat at the piano for about an hour and a half playing and playing the same song. She took lots of breaks to advise S.A.M. on his roadside manner. Otherwise, there she was, plink-plunking away.

Maybe their first business venture was a flop, but they didn't stay down for long. They quickly gathered as many little rocks in a black garbage bag as they could, to sell in the same manner (with a new sign that read S0$), because "everyone needs rocks!"


Unknown said...

ohhh, I hope they don't get discouraged! I will try to remember this story whenever I pass by a stand similar to this one. I would gladly have paid to hear their song :)

Unknown said...

And I miss your blogs, so I hope you get out of this funk soon :) Though I totally understand since I am in the same funk :) hahaha
How is everything going for you guys?
Are you guys in school for the summer?

sheila said...

Hey lady! Your little story cracked me up. Your kids are so funny! We miss you guys and need to get together. Lucas really hasn't had any friends to play with lately. Unless you count the chickens.

Martie said...

I wish they could come do our stand with us! That is so sweet.

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