Do you want to know where I've been? I've been right here checking your blog every couple of days and not writing on my own. That's where!

Truthfully, things have been a bit stinky around here (and I'm not talking about potty water again). I haven't been in the mood for writing much.

But, the kids keep being funny and cute! What can I do but document it, right?

Tyler asked S.A.M. to clear the table after dinner the other day. S.A.M. hung his head and drooped his shoulders and sang, "Boy, you're gonna carry that weight, carry that weight a long time." Awesome. Then he took his bath and was sitting on the couch waiting for his jammas to magically clothe his body. He looked over the back of the couch at his reflection in our super-cool tinted reflective window. He fixed his hair a bit and said, "Wow, someone sure wants to marry ME!" is complete self-awe. Double awesome.

Benefactor is chat chat chatting all the time. He has so much to say. Today he played in the dogs water, again, and then came running to me to clean him up. I told him he could go play wet for a while, and that I told him not to play in the water and get wet, so I wasn't going to change him. Because I'm one of those parents who talk to their babies like they're reasoning and logical adults. And he said, "My clothes WET! I WET. But I WET." Over and over while making funny little whine sounds.

Mademoiselle worked hard all Monday morning on something. She prepared for school. For her 4 cousins to attend. With her being the teacher. Because she knows so much, and needs to teach them so they can know it, too. And, like the great mom I am I tried to explain that their mom's probably wouldn't drive half an hour each way to bring their kids to school every day for them to be taught by a six year old. She doesn't quite understand why.

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Unknown said...

We need to get together, because your children are hilarious and I would like to play with them in person :)