"I offer a plea that each of us will seek to live closer to the Lord and to commune with Him more frequently and walk with increased faith.

"Fathers and mothers, pray over your children. Pray that they may be shielded from the evils of the world. Pray that they may grow in faith and knowledge. Pray that they may be directed toward lives that will be profitable and good. Husbands, pray for your wives. Express unto the Lord your gratitude for them and plead with Him on their behalf. Wives, pray for your husbands. Many of them walk a very difficult road with countless problems and great perplexities. Plead with the Almightly that they may be guided, blessed, protected, inspired in their righteous endeavors...

"Pray for wisdom and understanding as you walk the difficult paths of your lives. If you are determined to do foolish and imprudent things, I think the Lord will not prevent you. But if you seek His wisdom and follow the counsel of the impressions that come to you, I am confident that you will be blessed."

-Gordon B. Hinckley


Anonymous said...

Very wonderful, very heartening. Today I have declared myself an optimist. It's easy to focus on the challenges, but we don't have to squint at the light, we can look directly at it. This beautiful quotation reminds me to pray precisely for those things I might take for granted - but are also the most important. I love the parts you highlighted. Thanks for sharing it so boldly. Love, G of All

piper said...