Did you know that scorpions sting?

Did you know that scorpion stings hurt?

Did you know that scorpions are good at hiding?

Did you know that if there is most likely a scorpion in your couch that you should most likely not use that couch?

Did you know that pain, swelling, numbness and muscle twitches are just some of the effects of scorpion stings?

Did you know Ibuprofen really helps?

Did you know that it's possible to have a pretty normal day taking care of 3 children and a house and a farm and all their needs despite a scorpion sting?

Did you know it takes a few days for the pain to go away?

Did you know that children think that anything off-limits (like a scorpion-y couch) is extra fun to play on?

Did you know that I now have two very BIG bug-related reasons to want to move away from this beautiful place?


Real said...

Shut up! **shiver**

trogonpete said...


Katie Richins said...


Anonymous said...

Poor you. How much is it hurting today, on day three of who-knows-how-many? And you still haven't found the ever elusive JERK who bit you?

Yesterday I flopped down on the couch for a second and something brushed against me and I jumped up screaming like holy heck. Thanks for helping me to entertain my kiddos.

Hope you're feeling better,


Katie Richins said...

Well, it's pretty much better, thanks for asking!
We never found it. So, I'm right there with you, jumping every timeI feel a little poke or a scratch.

I'm here for no reason if not as a source of entertainment.