6 going on 16?

The time that elapsed between picture #1 and picture #2 is about 30 seconds.

I'm just that annoying.

The filthy shirt is oddly reassuring to me.


trogonpete said...

mommy paparazzi

MandaMommy said...

She's really stretching out, isn't she? She looks SO different from the last time we saw her! Very cute. :o)

Martie said...

Still, don't blink, Little Mama.


Katie Richins said...

She is growing so fast. A couple of inches since mid-summer. I mean, she's still our kid, so she's not TALL, but lots tall-ER.

And I try my hardest not to blink. It's flying by, I tell you!

Anonymous said...

It's flying by on a 4-wheeler!

It's flying by so fast that as Mademoiselle put it to me on the phone yesterday, we keep forgetting to do school!

It's flying by so fast that Benefactor is as S.A.M. was, not so long ago.

It's flying by so fast that I wonder who you are, and understand better who they are...

Love, G of All