We've only been home for two
pretty mellow storms this summer.
We really have missed the
refreshing summer rains,
and the thrill of the
lightning and thunder.

So we soaked up as much as we could.

S.A.M. does a funny hop-dance
that makes me cringe-panic that
he's going to slip-fall.

Mademoiselle twirls.
But of course.

Benefactor splashes,
and tries to get as many
rain-kisses as he can.
He loves those.

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Anonymous said...

Awww, sweetness. I live the rain too. And I really miss it right now.

Tell your children that right now in MT we are having a bad drought and this Sunday we are holding a big fast because of it. The forest fires are very bad and our air is full of smoke. It is a nice smell, but it is yucky to breathe, and so much of our beautiful forests are being burned up. It is very sad. We wish we could have a real rain too!

Thank you for the sweet pics!