Cousins Week -

My kids are very blessed. They have 27 cousins, and almost 31. Just give it a couple of months - those numbers are always growing.

Do you know how fun it is to have lots of cousins?

My kids would rather play with their cousins than do just about anything else.

Plus, without cousins, there'd be no kissing cousins. That'd be a shame.

Today I give you

These three darlings are a fun bunch of sisters. They are smart, I tell you what, and fun, to boot. There is The Great One, a world traveler with great taste in music, who is almost thirteen. She is on the right. Then there is The Bear, in the middle both in this picture and in her family. This girl has an eye for art. She's turning 11 this year. And then, Magoo, newly 9. She is our family champion in chicken wrangling. You should have seen her catch them, one after another, last winter. Just for fun. (since I'm secretly afraid of our chickens even though I feed them every day, I was obviously impressed)
We love you, girls!


Anonymous said...

That Bearish one in the middle reminds me of her little cousin Mademoiselle. Just glimpsed as I scanned quickly over the photo. What do you think?

G of all.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful picture! I just might have to pirate it! THANK YOU for sharing. I miss all three of these really special girls and am trying to figure out when we're going to get to see them.

I love your posting!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! I have never seen this picture! What amazing chicks they are. Now I am really inspired to get my own blog going of them. What fantastic human beings. I'm so glad you know and appreciate them too. Loved seeing the other cousins too. Thanks for this.


Katie Richins said...

Hey, MRL -

I just took that picture last month. I love it.

Do start a blog - I'd love to know more about what they are doing day-to-day!!

Anonymous said...

Indeed, an L-Ladies blog would be excellent! It's ALMOST like having a visit!

But not quite...

G of all.

PS I'd like to know if they like adventures such as those described on in the Healthy Earth section. GG-Trips is looking for companion travelers...