We started fishing about 15 minutes before dark.

Cast. Nibble. Tug. Reel. Unhook fish. Toss it back.
Repeat. 11 times.
We caught eleven fish in 15 minutes. Mademoiselle caught 6 because she's almost 6. S.A.M. caught 3 because he is 3 1/2 and catching half a fish is tricky. I caught 2 because it was my party and I could fish if I wanted to.
Mademoiselle wanted to throw them all back. S.A.M. wanted to poke them all in their eyes. Benefactor wanted to not get bitten by any more mosquitos. He didn't say that, but I could tell.
Mademoiselle caught what might have been a world record Blue Gill. It was huge.
After a bit of debate, we released it. I think we're going to try to catch it again tonight.
That's our fish tale.

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