Happy Birthday to me!
29 years old
(can you say eight eleven-ty seventy eight?)
Some call it "the last birthday".
I just put that here to make my mother's eyes roll.
She hates that. A lot.
So, when should I be expecting the maturity and wisdom, exactly?


MandaMommy said...

Happy Birthday from us PnMnE's (nA)!!

Anonymous said...

Hi!! Did yougetyour phonemessage?I calledfor your birthday,but I think you wereon the line. So,justin case,HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I hopeyou hadsomethingreallyspecial tomake the day extra-nice. DOtellus all about it! I loveand miss you!!

Man, youand I willneverbein our 30s together.


Katie Richins said...

Thanks, PnMnEnA(!!?!!) !

Hey sister. No, I didn't get your message. I'll get to do that next time I head into town. Like Wednesday, probably. Thanks for thinking of me and calling me! I bet it was when I got my (one) other b-day call from my sweet and loving in-laws.

Actually, Benefactor was tossing cookies all day, so we canceled our plans. We WERE going to go to IKEA and I'd get to pick out something!! But Mademoiselle gave me my copy of Stuart Little nicely wrapped in a blanket, and a cake made out of wooden blocks. And yesterday we made a cake. You wouldn't have liked it. Coconut...

Alright, that's the end of this book.

Anonymous said...

Dongy and I called you on your birthday. We were in the Sommet Center in Nashville, and the warm-up band was playing Brown-Eyed Girl. So I dialed the phone so you could listen with us, BEG that you are. And it was busy. I tried several times, but then they went onto another song. This was around 2 pm or so Nashville time, so noonish for you.

So belatedly, hoppy birdies yoyo.

We saw Leann Rimes on your birthday. She was clever and very loud! And visually it was just unbelievably clever, but it would take 7 volumes to describe it.

No way are you 29, so that takes care of acting your age. As for your sister, she should have figured out she was 10 when you were born and that she never would be in the same decade. A little late to think of it now!

We're home from Nashville now. So a question: do people not eat that kind of fish?

Love, ma

Katie Richins said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, mom. How fun that you called for me to hear that song! I'm glad you enjoyed Leann Rimes, but wow, you enjoyed Leann Rimes!
Those kinds of fish are actually very good. A light whitefish - doesn't taste scummy at all like some other pondfish. But, our pond isn't HUGE, so it's mostly catch and release for us.

Real said...

Hey, I know I am late. But Happy Birthday! Sounds like a typical mom birthday. Sweet in its own way. I hope you get to go to Ikea soon!

Anonymous said...

Well, I didn't say I liked Leann Rimes. She has an amazing voice, and the staging was unreal - videos of driving around a city in a car played split up into 7 or 8 blocks beside and in and around the stage. Very sophisticated. The audio was so loud that I couldn't understand a word. At one point a whole bunch of people got up and walked to the front waving their arms. It was uncanny to me that they did this all at once and all I could think of was that it was time for communion. Old people got up and left at random times during the performance. It was fun to see a professional production. My ears felt spazzy. It was memorable. Some people had gone to the Grand Ole Opry instead. Earlier the owner of Shaklee had ended a Shaklee Idol pre-concert with a song he wrote, which he also played on the keyboard, accompanied by a local gospel group. It was really cool! So that's what I thought of the concert. Mudder.