epic battle - early morning edition

Well, life is flying by.  Between school and homework and soccer and activities and all, I feel like I barely realize what day it is before the day has slipped through my fingers and another one is dawning.

To say this is a transition time for our family is a huge understatement.  Some parts of our days have gone more smoothly than anticipated.  Thank goodness for a working morning routine that gets us all ready and out the door before 7:30 am, all dressed, fed, scriptured and prayered.  It works.

(btw, while we are all here, this is what I made for them.  Slipped it in plastic sheet covers and pinned it to the wall all fancy like.)

James and Lewis and I have All The Time In The World, now that there are only two kids at home.  The adventures never end!  Things like grocery shopping, which seems so blissfully uneventful for some reason.

Also, I thought James was responsible before.  Well.

So.  The other night another family came over for dinner.  Mads invited them for her birthday, and between dinner and dessert, we tried to keep the kids from tearing the house apart by playing a game of animal charades.  Everyone was involved, of all 3 generations present, and everyone was loving it.  Ben ran off to the bathroom to attend to some, ahem, serious business, and I hear him yelling, over and over.  I went to him to ask him what he needed, and he replied, "Nuffin'!  I'm just shouting my guesses!"  So funny, picturing him in there on the pot, yelling out what he imagined someone was acting out in the other room.  I love that boy!  Oh, and later, during the same game, Tyler walked in the room and saw him upside down under the keyboard of the piano, his head on the floor and his feet and hands on the bottom side of the keyboard.  Can you picture it?  He was being a bat!  Gaaah!  The cuteness!

Welp, that's it for now!


Martie said...

The pictures made my belly lurch. I remember those days so fondly when our boys would do the same. I miss it a million times over. I'm glad you have photos to look back on. Enjoy it! (I know you do.) Such a cute Ben in the bathroom story! What a goofball. And the piano. Love him! I love you and Tyler and all those beautiful babies. HUGS!!!!!!

Martie said...

Beautiful charts too! I miss having a color printer.

Martie said...

Is Sam moved? Is he doing better?