a beautiful day

Today was kind of pretty much almost exactly the quintessential summer day.  Sprinklers, friends, popsicles, music, dancing, a long afternoon, even a game of truth or dare out on the lawn.

Hot.  So hot.  It'll make my Tucson friends laugh through their tears when I say it was 95ish, and just as hot inside as out.

I decided midday to throw dinner in the crockpot and avoid heating up the house any more than I had to.  About an hour later I found out I needed to do the prep cooking tonight for Tyler's big work camping trip.  So, there went that plan!

Mr. DJ Lewis, spinning the records new school.

I love these faces.

Best part of this picture?  James dancing like a foo' back there.  He didn't want to miss a beat.

This looks TOTALLY posed but I assure you it isn't.  They were running around like this, and Madelin happened to glance over at me as i took the picture.  Love hoe that big sister is barely tolerating touching her little brother.  Sibling love!

They have some great moves, these kids.  Wild, I tell you!

Ben's mad ninja face - like the ninja on his shirt.  Adorable.

And James' mad ninja face.  Hilarious. And so dirty.

Lawns are made for cartwheels and backbends and walkovers, no?  Yes.

 Here's my life right this moment :

hearing : a chorus of chirping crickets
seeing : blonde curls on a tired little boy's head
smelling : smokey ribs cooking
feeling : the ceiling fan breeze barely cooling off my too hot skin
thinking : about my life, in which one role blurs into another
dreaming : of a life with Tyler home every single weekend

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Martie said...

It seems like just about NOW would be the right time for cousins to all play together. Do you have room for 7 more? ;O) Oh well. Someday!!! It looks like a happy little day in your happy little house (yard). Love you!