post-vacation brain slump

That is what I'm feeling, let me tell you.  Yesterday I kind of sat in a fog, trying to get myself going despite the kind of overwhelming amount of things I had to do.  Today was a bit better - I got a lot done last night and this morning, but I have to admit, we went to the park twice today, in part so I could just not have to do more housework.  It's not just the housework - it doesn't really bug me - but the fact that my little Lewis can be kind of a grumpy old man sometimes, and most of the time he is is when I'm trying to just get something done.  It doesn't work very well.  

Anyway, here's a brief and partial update!  You're welcome!!

Madelin has been working on her skillz.  She loves it.  There was much regret that she didn't bring a basketball down to Tucson so she couldn't practice for a WHOLE ENTIRE WEEK!  Oh, woe.

Lewis is hilarious.  He loves to try to run, but it's basically step, step, plop.  He's one spunky little monkey.

I have a video of James on his scooter, but I don't know how to get it on here!  It's from last summer, and it's pretty awesome, I have to say.  This little guy is  pretty crazy on that thing.

Madelin bought herself a little desk and is busy turning it into a cafe'.  She sanded down the whole thing in about two days before we left town, and now she wants to paint it.  She's been working on designing signage and everything - she's totes hardcore.  I love seeing her out there wielding power tools.  Impressive.

Oh, Ben, how he makes our heart happy.  I wish I could just capture how he lives life.  Really truly, he's this aggressive little wily tyke, but so deeply brave, creative, passionate, good, contemplative.  He's a pretty awesome package.  He's loving school, and has been reminding me daily recently that in the summer he's going to "hop into the older class" and "isn't that crazy?"  It is.

Handsome much?  Yes.

My Little Bear.  Gaaaaaah!

Last, but certainly not least, Sam is starting to love school.  He's so busy these days between school and friends and basketball and scouts, and I feel like I never get pictures of him.  Here he is as one of the narrators in a 3rd grade play a couple of weeks ago.  He came into the group late, but loved memorizing those lines.  He's just as tender-hearted and sincere as ever, and wishes more than anything that he had a DS (3 years running!  not gonna happen!!).  He's a funny bunny - likes to make us laugh with his antics.  He also loves and needs good, solid, real, positive attention and praise.  It doesn't sink in easily to his heart.  We adore this boy!

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Martie said...

I loved this! It's great to hear what the little folks are up to. And the big ones too. Everyone looks so grown up!