reading harry potter

We have this new tradition that's been going on for a month or so.  When Tyler has some free time, he calls out, "Does anyone want to read?"  The kids all shout yes and run and grab pillows and blankets and cuddle in for a good long read.

Sometimes, if it's the middle of the day, they get out paper and pencils and draw pictures of what we're reading.  My favorite was the picture of Hagrid, who was so big he burst out of all his clothes and was completely bare.  It really was hilarious, and only slightly inappropriate.  All the other characters were standing around him like, "Whaaa?"

If it's night time, we get the kids into their jammas and all ready for bed, and spend the evening listening to Harry's adventures.  One or two of the kids will end up dozing off, but the others are rapt and alert to the end.

We can't do it every day - that's not our schedule - but when we get a chance to read, lots of times it will last for hours.  The kids are so into it and never want it to end.  I love seeing them so involved in reading and in such a great book.

Ben is probably the most into it.  He wants to read HP any chance we get.  He always remembers exactly where we left off last time we read, sometimes down to the sentence.  He just hangs on every word.  I'm not surprised too much, though, because that kid has a serious imagination, and all that good writing is just food for it.

It's my favorite family time these days.  And I wonder how long it'll last.  After the HP series we plan to read The Lord of the Rings series.  But one of these days Madelin will find herself too old or too busy to want to sit in with us.  I sure hope this family time lasts a long time, anyway.

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Martie said...

Yes, Madelin will. It happens before you know it. I LOVE this. And I am grateful for Dongy and the many, many stories he read to us. This is awesome!!!